Wivian Eidsaunet

Wivian Eidsaunet graduated in interior design and furniture design at Statens Håntverks og Kunstindustrihøgskole (the Norwegian National College of Art & Design in Oslo) in 1987. Wivian is an architect SIR/MSA and partner in the firm of Murman Arkitekter in Stockholm. Murman Arkitekter undertakes many different types of projects of all sizes. Some kind of designing is a natural element in most of our interior design projects. We always focus on seeing the whole picture. The work we do is always part of a greater whole. This includes the potential in the place or premises, the business and the organisation. Our aim is to create environments in which people feel comfortable. The customer’s vision is always the starting point for our work. We have vast experience of working on different types of projects. Today, we are working on a variety of interior design projects, mostly in offices. An important part of this work is to keep pace with organisations undergoing change, and to create optimal environments for the business activities there. Previously, we were also designing products for several manufacturers.