Couture is a flexible range of furniture best described as a modern take on traditional 1950s and 1960s handicraft. The aim with this range was to find a new way of combining functions and to create an item of furniture with a homely feel that also helps you to work more easily. A restrained design language is used, but this is counterbalanced by the rounded edges of the table’s corners and legs. The tables are available in different shapes and heights, and materials such as walnut, teak, ash, white laminate and Swedish green marble. The range also includes easy chair and sofas.


450 mm 450 mm 500 mm
850 mm 850 mm 500/600/730/870 mm
1500 mm 850 mm 500/600/730/870 mm
2000 mm 850 mm 730/870 mm
2400 mm 850 mm 355/730/870 mm
1140 mm 845 mm 550 mm
2250 mm 850 mm 240 mm
1350 mm 360 mm 1350 mm
400 mm 400 mm 400 mm


Table top in 39 mm block board in clear lacquered walnut, white pigmented ash, or white HPL laminate with walnut or white pigmented ash edging. Table 450 x 450 mm also available with table top in green Swedish marble and legs in white pigmented ash, table top with teak marquetry and legs in teak, and table top with dark brown leather (Tärnsjö reindeer leather) and legs in walnut. Table 2400 x 850 mm also available with table top in desktop. Upholstered table partition and connectors 2x twist in brushed stainless steel available as optional. Price group shown in brackets. We reserve the right for any misprints.
Supplier Type


Liv (A)


Capture (A), Crisp (B)


Canvas (C), Remix 2 (A)


Marie Oscarsson