Design meets new products 2024

Our furniture is designed for situations where people meet and are inspired by each other. This is when we grow and new ideas are born. As always, our products are infused with innovative design and a strong commitment to sustainability and materials. We are proud to present this spring’s new products;

Design Jesper Ståhl
Palette is a hybrid chair with many possibilities, suitable for all kinds of meeting environments. In a sober colour it is subtle, and in an accent colour it makes a statement.

Design Jesper Ståhl
Soho, small office home office, is a sleek table for smaller workplaces, at home or in the office. With its combination of rounded shapes and distinct lines, the table is both expressive and elegant.

Design Fredrik Mattson
The generous and flexible modular sofa Oas has been given an even wider range. Complementary parts are curved seating units and 30° and 90° connecting tables.

Design Sandin & Bülow
The popular Monolite furniture series has yet another reason to be loved, all stands are now available in Colours by Materia (CbM) as standard.

Design Fredrik Mattson
Ambient beam sofa focuses on design and comfort. The series has been expanded with a new beam length, 2-seater, which creates even more options.