Meet our interns!

Since the end of August, we have had the honour of having two students from France with us at Materia, Lena Chasseloup and Anatole Durre who normally study at the EPF School of Engineering in Paris, France.

How has it been living in Sweden this autumn?
– This semester in Sweden was a great experience! It was nice to discover a new culture. The nature around Tranås is beautiful, and we were able to enjoy the lake, at least when it was not yet frozen. We had a great time here and we don’t want to go back.

What have you been doing during your time at Materia?
– The work carried out during this internship focused on a time study, with the aim of moving from a weekly to a daily planning. For this, we had to carry out a frequency study as well as a study of production times. Once these studies were completed, a solution had to be found to plan on a daily basis. The solution we chose was to develop an Excel program to automatically schedule and allocate each order by day according to priorities.

What have you learned?
– This internship gave us a better understanding of how a company works. We learned more about production lines and how to make a piece of furniture. We also learned to conduct studies, and deepened our knowledge of programming. This internship was also an opportunity to improve our Swedish.

What is the best thing about being an intern at Materia?
– The best thing about Materia is the very nice atmosphere, everyone was kind and welcoming with us. This is a part of the reason why we will keep very good memories of this internship.

Is there something special about Sweden you will miss when you return to France?
– What we will certainly miss are the people we have met. We will also have a hard time getting rid of good Swedish habits like Fika. The fresh air of Tranås will also be missed.

– It has been a pleasure to have Lena and Anatole at Materia for almost 4 months. With their commitment and curiosity, they have achieved a lot during their time with us. They have been an appreciated addition to our team and we wish them all the best in the future! says production technician Mikael Gustavsson.

Anatole and Lena.


Anatole and Lena together with Mikael Gustafsson, production technician at Materia.