The Ambient beam sofa focuses on design and comfort. While sturdy, the design is neat, minimalistic and elegant. Ambient has many options, such as different beam lengths, several types of armrests, screens with or without magazine holders, and tables that provide a pleasant extra surface. The seat units can easily be replaced individually, if necessary. The table tops of solid white pigmented or black stained ash and HPL laminate white, as well as the wooden seat base, are FSC®-labelled. As a complement to the table tops with borders are magazine holders and a black plant tray. Armrest tables have compact laminate in white. The corner unit with its round table top can be mounted in five different fixed positions. Power outlets in the table top and a rail for floor mounting are available as accessories. Frame, armrests, borders for table tops, magazine holders and rail in Colours by Materia (CbM*) powder coating. The flexible Ambient beam sofa is suitable for lounge areas, coworking spaces, hospitals, schools, and universities.

*CbM = beige, mustard yellow, dusty pink, rusty red, burgundy red, blue grey, green, grey, dark grey, black, white


520 mm 610 mm 830 mm 450 mm
520 mm 520 mm 105 mm 450 mm
55 mm 520 mm 300 mm
50 mm 470 mm 300 mm
180 mm 520 mm 300 mm
50 mm 560 mm 930 mm
100 mm 560 mm 930 mm
150 mm 560 mm 930 mm
520 mm 470 mm
270 mm 470 mm
1100 mm 640 mm 830 mm 450/480 mm
600 mm
corner connection 90° 600 mm
corner connection 135° 600 mm
corner connection 180° 600 mm
corner connection 225° 600 mm
corner connection 270° 600 mm


The seat and screen have a plywood frame. The back has a frame of steel tubing. Moulded and shaped cold-cured polyurethane foam padding. Frame of steel tubing, steel plate and die-cast aluminium. Fully upholstered armrest of moulded polyurethane foam or armrest of steel plate. The beam sofa is available in sizes 3-seater, 4-seater and 3-seater + 2. The 2-seater unit is mounted on the beam 3-seater or 4-seater. For beam 3-seater + 2, there is a narrow table alt. a screen with or without a magazine holder, single or double-sided. Table tops, connecting tables and armrest tables of FSC®-labelled solid white pigmented or black stained ash. All the above table tops are also available in white HPL laminate, except for the armrest tables which are in white compact laminate. Armrest tables have compact laminate in white. Table tops can also have borders of steel plate with or without magazine holders. As optional extras are electricity 2x power/1x power + USB A+C for table 520x470 or 1x power/USB A+C for table 270x470 mm alt. electricity box underneath the seat. Accessories are also plant tray in black vacuum-formed polystyrene and a sheet metal rail for floor mounting (4 x Ø 9mm). Frame, armrests, borders for table tops, magazine holders and rail in CbM* powder coating. Seat height 450 or 480 mm. FSC®-labelled wood. The beams can be connected on a straight line or at five different angles.
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Liv (C), Morris (C)


Blazer (A), Main Line Flax (A), Synergy (A), Xtreme (A)

Elmo Sweden

Elmosoft, Elmosoft Piqué


Radio (A), Rustico (B)


Breeze Fushion (E), Capture (B), Crisp (D), Cyber (C), Fame (A), Fame Hybrid (D), Focus (A), Focus Melange (A), Focus Royal (C), Gaja Classic (A), Mood (D), Morph (D), Select (A), Step Melange (A), Swing (B)


Amdal (D), Bardal (C), Heidal (D)


Puxx 1 (D), Puxx 2 (D)

Kirkby Design

Crush II (D), Smooth III (C)


Atlas (D), Canvas 2 (D), Divina 3 (F), Divina MD (F), Divina Melange (F), Fiord 2 (F), Foss (F), Hallingdal 65 (F), Jaali (F), Melange Nap (E), Remix 3 (B), Re-wool (E), Steelcut 3 (E), Steelcut Trio 3 (E), Tonus 4 (F)


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Joy (C)

Pozzi Arturo

Forte (B)


Fenice (A)

Scan Aprima

Velvety (B)


Ally (A), Cody (C), Harper (C), Macro (A), Rami (E), Rami Plus (E), Step (B)


Acton (D), Gamut (E)


Fredrik Mattson

Ambient beam sofa