Cone is an elegant and smart table series in different formats and heights with or without electricity.With its soft geometric design and exciting combinations of materials, Cone exudes a modern, stylish attitude. The tabletop is made from durable compact laminate, and the handy cable tidy in the stand hides all cables.


800 mm 500/710/870/1100 mm
1050 mm 500/710/870/1100 mm


Table top in compact laminate, black core with surface in white or black HPL laminate. Black or white rotation moulded polyethylene stand. Tables with hight 500, 870 and 1100 are available with a height-adjustable cable management port fitted with 2x power or 1x power socket + 2 x USB-charger. Table with height 710 and 1200 tabletop is delivered with base plate of brushed steel plate, matt chrome. Electrical connections European Schucko.


Carl Öjerstam