Nomad table is available in different sizes and heights. Like nomads, these tables are designed for flexibility and movement. They are easy to move around and due to numerous material options, they offer many combination possibilities. The shapes are gentle on the eye and hand, and the table has its own distinct personality with a sculptural expression. Choose between clear lacquered oak and white pigmented ash in FSC® labelled solid wood or powder coated metal in Colours by Materia (CbM*).

*CbM = beige, mustard yellow, dusty pink, rusty red, burgundy red, blue grey, green, grey, dark grey, black, white


Metal 350 mm 350 mm 380 mm
Metal 350 mm 350 mm 450 mm
Metal 700 mm 350 mm 380 mm
Wood 350 mm 350 mm 380 mm
Wood 350 mm 350 mm 450 mm
Wood 700 mm 350 mm 380 mm


The table is made of 17 mm solid white pigmented ash or clear stained oak or 4 mm steel plate in Colours by Materia (CbM*) powder coating.


Mattias Stenberg