What makes this stool unique is its manufacture. The seat comprises three parts which are individually covered with leftover fabrics from our own production process. Each part has its own fabric, but they are all within one of seven specific colour scales. In other words, what your Patch is going to look like is governed by what leftover fabrics we have at the time. So you can never know precisely which textures or shades your Patch will have, only that it will be within the colour scale you have selected. In return, you obtain a highly unique piece of furniture, manufactured with consideration for our Environment.


430 mm 430 mm 440 mm


Carcass of plywood with padding of moulded polyurethane foam. Frame of steel in dark grey powder coating. Upholstery of leftover fabrics in 7 different colour scales. Each stool has its own combination of textures and shades within the colour scale.


Axel Bjurström

Mia Cullin