Uni Large

Uni Large is a versatile conference table tailored to modern meeting places. It is subtly designed to work in several types of environments. The richness in design of the conference table is exemplified by the foot’s die-cast details and the chamfered edge of the table top. Taken together with its scaled-down structure, the table almost seems to float. The relatively low foot means that chairs can be placed anywhere around the table. Also chairs with high armrests can usually be pushed completely under the table top. The table is available in a number of formats and finishes and is easy to customise. Frame in Colours by Materia (CbM*) powder coating. A cable lid and electrical/USB sockets are available as options. The fabric covered electrical cable is led from the cable trench down through the pillar. In the case of two electrical sockets, the cables are gathered together and routed down with only one cable in the pillar, giving a tidy impression.

*CbM = beige, mustard yellow, dusty pink, rusty red, burgundy red, blue grey, green, grey, dark grey, black, white


1100 mm 730/900 mm
1250 mm 730/900 mm
2400 mm 1100 mm 730/900 mm
2400 mm 1200 mm 730/900 mm
3000 mm 1100 mm 730/900 mm
3000 mm 1200 mm 730/900 mm
3600 mm 1100 mm 730/900 mm
3600 mm 1200 mm


Table top of 22 mm MDF with chamfered edge in white pigmented ash veneer alt. clear lacquered oak veneer alt. white or dark grey HPL laminate. Frame of steel tubing, steel plate and die-cast aluminium in CbM* powder coating. Available in two heights, 730 and 900 mm. Electricity options are 4x PIX power/USB A+C (Ø1100/Ø1250), 2x power and 1x USB A+C alt. 2x power + 2x data (2400), 4x power and 2x USB A+C alt. 4x power and 4x data (3000, 3600).


Axel Bjurström

Experience Uni Large and hear the designer´s thoughts.