Dot is a modular series for coat, hat and shoe racks mounted on the wall. Dot has ends in white or black powdercoated steel plate. Single or double racks of grey powdercoated steel plate. Punched holes make the racks easy to keep clean and allow you to see what’s there. The series includes a coat hook strip and a combined wall hook/doorstop. On the wall hook, the aluminium rod has a double hook of polyacetal and room for hangers. The end of the rod is covered with a rubber stopper to protect the door.


920/910 mm 340 mm 340 mm
920/910 mm 340 mm 340 mm
920/910 mm 340 mm 200 mm
920/910 mm 65 mm 80 mm
67 mm 95 mm 62 mm


Frame of sheet metal, white or black powder coating. Shelf of perforated sheet metal, silver grey powder coating. Rail of extruded aluminium. Hooks of polyacetal.


Sandin & Bülow