Evaluation and assessment of Materia’s Motus stool

We love hearing feedback from our customers and we really appreciate the time primary school teacher Eleonor Holm took to write this detailed review of Motus stool.

For the past year, I have been using Materia’s stool every day in my teaching.

The stool is easy to lift, flexible and easy to move around in the classroom, even in confined spaces such as between student desks. It is comfortable to sit on and the height of the stool helps you maintain a good ergonomic posture, which is otherwise difficult on a normal chair or stool.
Thanks to the foot rail under the stool, you can easily change the position of your legs (e.g. by resting one foot or both on the rail), which is both comfortable and offers variation.
The seat not only looks good with its rounded shape, but it also stays clean and doesn´t show any signs of wear and tear despite intensive daily use.

I highly recommend this product for people who require flexibility and speed of movement in their work, and even for those with sedentary jobs (e.g. office work), as it gives a good ergonomic posture and keeps you moving.

After more than 20 years of using different types of stools, cushions, yoga balls and chairs, I don’t ever want to use any other chair in my daily teaching.

Eleonor Holm,
Primary school teacher